Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ford Focus Rally

Been working a bit on a new show for the internet, Ford Focus Rally. It's streaming, real time and interactive by the people that do Amazing Race. It's been pretty cool stuff. We worked at Homestead Speedway and up in Macon Georgia. The crew does a few other locations and then I may meet up with them again on the West Coast.

The host is none other than Jonny Moseley, Olympic snow skiing bad ass. He's a super cool (as you might expect) dude and seems to be having a good time hosting the show. I've always been good at flashing the instant uber cheesy 'big smile' when a camera gets pointed at me but I think Jonny has me beat.

The rally cars are actually stock Ford Focuses with some extra cool gfx. I wonder why Ford doesn't offer show room cars that look like this. If I was going to buy a Focus, I'd want it to look like this: