Saturday, September 3, 2011

SU4 in 3D + Segway = Woot!

Started 'Step Up 4' in 3D last month. It's my first 3D job and my first time riding a Segway.

So far the job is going great. I have a kick ass Florida camera crew mixed with a top of the line 3D crew from all over..... Total of 13 in the camera department!

3D does slow you down and it does change the way you frame but done correctly and for the right reasons it really adds a lot to the picture.

We have two 50" 3D monitors on set so it's possible to watch our work in 3D on a pretty decent sized screen.

Getting ready to start week 3 on Tuesday and looking forward to some of the 'big dance numbers' coming up.

More pictures to follow...