Thursday, December 29, 2011

A darn good year...

It was an amazing year to work in the motion picture industry in South Florida.

We had 4 television shows, a 30 million dollar feature, a low budget feature and a bunch of commercials and music videos all shooting at once. I've been working here in Florida since 1993 and my father since the late 60's. It has to my knowledge never been busier in town.

I had the great fortune to work on all 4 television shows at various times as the 2nd unit DP, shoot a ton of great commercials and music videos and do 'A' camera/steadicam on 'Step Up 4' which was shot in 3D. I basically worked all year.

And that would have been WAY more than enough to call it a 'good year'.

However, I got to work on a project for the last month of the year that really put 2011 over the top. Unfortunately, I can not say the name of the job, where it shot, post any pictures of any of the locations or really say anything about it. I think I can get away with saying I was a VERY long way from home. I also think I can say that I got to see and do in one month things that most people would never get to see and do in ten life times. I put in over 80,000 kilometers of travel in 33 days and yes, I got the frequent flyer miles.

I think (I'll have to double check) I can post pictures after the show airs (I have over 5000 of them). The picture above is me during some of the very little down time we had at an unnamed water park in an unnamed country. The job and pretty much everything about 2011 was amazing!

2012 already looks like it's going to be gang busters with a pilot and a feature solidly in the works. I can't wait to start posting about 2012!!!

Have a great holiday season!