Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is this thing on??? Hello???

I realize it may have been a bit long since my last post...........  Mmmmmk, frickin forever!

Busy working and raising a family, what can I say?!?

Any how, almost finished up with season 2 of Graceland (which I've been on since February) and getting ready to shoot "Ivy League Farmer" in South Carolina.  A million other projects too, life is good!

I just got a link to the trailer for a movie I did the end of last year with Jason Patrick, John Cusack and Bruce Willis.  Totally kick ass action flick.  I basically spent 30 days having full loads of 9mm, 223, 45 and 12 gauge shot point blank right at my face while running all over the place hand held and with steadicam.  Nothing but a good time!

Here's the trailer and here's to posting a bit more frequently!

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