Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Just messin around...

A actually have a lot of fun doing Steadicam on music videos, especially if I like the song.  But I rarely like a remake of a song, especially if I really liked the original.   This one happens to be an exception to that rule.  

I actually think (no offense to reo speed wagon) that pit and Enrique did this one better.  I still can't get the track out of my head and we shot it weeks ago.  

I also love working with director David Rousseau and DP Cesar Chacon and my home boy Enrique who aside from being cool as hell is, let's face it, the best looking man on the planet.  

I also got some amusing photos, not sure why everybody was taking pictures of me...
'Me under the camera'
Here's a link to the final cut:

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