Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Video

Last Thursday Brett and I did a music video. It was a steadicam oner. We rehearsed about 3 times and shot 7 times. Of the 7 attempts, the dancers blew it 3 times so there were 4 keepers. The last 2 were the best and happened right at magic hour, take number 6 was my favorite.

We were using the director's RED with Nikon lenses. His lens of choice had an old 77mm filter stuck on the front. We tried like hell to get it off but it wasn't happening. Our grip grabbed some video on his iPhone while Brett took a hammer to the filter that was attached to the lens.

I spend a decent part of the day hanging out in the pool because I could. It was another one of those surreal days where you think, "am I really getting paid to do this..."

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