Sunday, October 3, 2010

Atlanta and a short visit home

Before I agreed to do 'Make it or break it' I had told Artie and Tim that I would shoot the second unit car chase sequence on a Pilot in Atlanta. So when I signed up for MIOBI I told them I would have to leave for 2 days for the prior commitment.

I had also scheduled in a long weekend so I could see Jill and Mike. I ended up merging the two together so after the second day of shooting in Atlanta, I caught a late flight home on Thursday night. I got to spend all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday with my family. We went to My Gym, swim lessons and the water park.

I'm at the airport now waiting to get on my flight back to LA. This time however, I only have 14 days until Jill and Mikey move out to LA with me for the next 7 weeks! Jill is looking forward to having some time off of work (something she hasn't had since I've known her) and all the West Coast family is looking forward to having my family a bit closer for a change.

7am call tomorrow at the stage and I woln't get in until midnight, good thing it's only a 3 minute drive.

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