Friday, October 22, 2010

The toughest man alive

'Make It Or Break It' is going great. I have what can only be described as a kick ass crew. Greg Barnett is our stunt coordinator and the other day we had a boxing sequence. We needed a stunt guy referee and Greg just happens to know 'Judo Gene Le Bell, the toughest man alive'

We had him at the gym set and I had the chance to hear some war stories from one of the original cage fighters. Gene is such a nice guy and so fun to hang out with. The only problem was I wanted to spend my day learning some new MMA techniques instead of shooting our TV show. All of the fighters wanted pictures with Gene and he was nice enough to pose until we all got a shot. Greg's wife Barbie took this shot of me. Gene was only posing for a picture but he still put some power into his choke hold. If he had put any real effort into it he would have choked me out in seconds........

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